Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Forex Trading The Most Dangerous Time To Avoid Losses

As a trader, you surely know at any time doing forex trading within 24 hours, 5 days a week. In addition, traders can also specify if you want to Transact on morning, noon or night. However, you certainly have to know at any time the most dangerous forex trading. At such moments the very risky run open position, for that matter mandatory trader alert.

The Most Dangerous Time Forex Trading

Learn Forex trading time and certainly the most dangerous mistakes should be avoided traders. There are some things that you should know to avoid large losses due to the mistakes made, like this!

Ahead of the market closing on weekends

By the time the market closure, Saturday early morning exactly become the scourge of most traders, so not a few who prefer "closed shops" on Friday. Because the price movement of the time leading up to the closure of allegedly difficult to track. In addition, open positions are usually timed so close to closing the market so potentially floating until Monday, to pass through the holiday weekend.

At that time made possible the shocking developments happen so the huge gap at the beginning gave rise to a weekend. Stop loss or profit target easier ter trigger, especially if not install Stop Loss (SL), so the Margin Call is right in front of my eyes. Because the movements difficult to mapped, so reasonable if many traders who avoid these times.

Ahead Of The Decisive Moment Linked To The Political Situation In The Country

Year 2016-2017 diramaikan indeed by events related to the political situation in the country, such as the election and referendum. Where the characteristics of the event that is momennya cannot be ascertained, such as the release of the economic data in the forex calendar that has been scheduled. In addition, although the analysis has projected its impact if it can beat the kubu kubu X Y, but still the system of price movements spontaneously in the market can be opposite to the induced factors of euphoria.

In addition to the events that are related to the political system. Most of the traders usually avoid time doing forex trading related to the release of economic data that could potentially deliver a huge impact. For that, than you terlindas with the instantaneous volatility then the better looking for opportunities at other times. But although many argued that anytime is a great time doing forex trading is not the most dangerous, hence impossible to gain profit.

Post Big Win

If you belong to one of the people who experience loss after a big win, it is certainly much perceived by other traders, especially the newbies. As for the root of the problem lies in one's self-confidence as well as excessive lust for a bigger profit. Things you need to know is that is should be in control of the emotions themselves while drifting in a victory when you want to become a successful trader.

If you want to become a successful trader, of course should understand when should not trading so it could avoid the loss.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

The simple method of making cash stacks by skimming foreign

The simple method for making cash stacks by skimming foreign exchange robotic critics. There are millions of criticisms in forex Exchange Robotics on the Web. It can be tiring to dig through them, and to elaborate that they are trustworthy and that they are selfish. Many people write fake reviews to try to get you to buy the robots.

Fortunately, you don't have to imagine them. Just because they're saying that one thing doesn't suggest it's true. It's just going to make use of your overview as information. You can confirm your conclusions with just a little bit of work.

That's how you can do that

Go to a currency dealer and open a demo account that cash stacks allows currency robots (well informed advisors). There are a lot of them online, and you may also need to strive a number until you discover one you want.

You're going to try a lot of robots, so you don't need a dealership that's problematic to cope with. Discover one you're just comfortable with.

Having discovered a great dealer, learn through the reviews. If you discover a robotics you need to strive for, go to the gross sales website. Make it possible they provide a money back guarantee.

Most of them provide a minimum of eight weeks to ensure. Which means that if robotics does not work as it is marketed, you will get a refund.

After you buy the robotics, set it up in your demo account and let the trade for you. You may need to spend money on a personal digital server (VPS) so you don't have to leave your laptop 24 hours a day. This program runs stacks of cash on your dealer's laptop and hosts the robotics for you. That method you don't have to put on it on your private home PC

Let the robotic trade for you for just a few weeks, until you are sure you are doing a great job. Then you should take a look at the robotics with a purple account. Not dangerous some huge money. Many robots will market usefully in a demo account, however, crumble when disposed of in a dwelling account.

Keep in mind that you only let a robotic trade with cash that you will be able to afford to lose. Do not leave a PC program trade your retirement hierarchy.

Finally, keep in mind that not all of the robotic reviews cash piles of currency are the same. Discover some reviewers that you will believe, and make your life simpler.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Importance of choosing a broker in the list of Broker Teregulasi of Forex

 The importance of the election of a registered agent in the list of broker teregulasi, of course, to keep as a customer or merchant felt safe and comfortable hold funds in the bag house. It will be different if you save money or any choose a broker, not knowing if these currency brokers including the list of authorized or not regulated broker. This will cause that the funds deposited in conditions of risk, and certainly makes you uncomfortable during a transaction.

Then, as may be able to determine if the corridor is already regulated or not, this is a guide:?

1. pay attention to home agent

That should be taken into account when choosing a Realtor reliable roots, is to take into account the country of origin of the agent. You can visit the official web site of the corridor, and then find out the main office of the broker. In this way, you will know the agent's country of origin.

2 Note the system of State regulation

The second thing to consider is the system of regulation in the country. Each country must have regulatory standards which vary, you must learn well already Fund. There are at least 14 countries with certain regulations, among others:

  • governmental regulatory agencies Futures Commission Merchant / FCM United States.
  • Government financial services authority regulators / FSA in the United Kingdom from the United Kingdom, where his name now changed to FCA United Kingdom.
  • Regulatory agency of the Government of Singapore monetary authority / more than Singapore.
  •  Regulatory agencies market financial instruments Derective / MiFID UE.
  • governmental regulatory agencies agency regulating futures of raw materials of trade / Bappebti of Indonesia.
  • Etc.

3. find out whether the agent is already regulated

Here also you can find out if Agent is already regulated by the country of origin or not of the corridor. To do this, you can find out through a broker and check the web address directly into the local regulatory agency.

If it is not, you must be alert, since it can be the domain of the corridor level can not be trusted.

4. find out how the customers

 In the following reliable broker ready is a closely watch how different kinds of accounts issued by the consumer of the different services provided by the broker and its service to the client. If the service offered is good, maybe only a runner can be trusted.

If runner curious feels, there isn't any damage if you try to login or register through accounts demo or micro account learn to trade forex. Make a deposit with minimum funds, and then to consider how any movement of the market there, and see if the process withdraw or not. If all goes well, certainly it does not hurt if you try to do list for the corridor.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Basic Money Management Rules You Should Follow

Money Management is a part of trading with a vital importance because with the same trading strategy we can get completely different results depending on how we manage the money.

Most beginner traders overlook money management and go straight into the action and this will inevitably lead to the loss of their account. To try to understand how important Money Management is, we will set an example. Imagine that we have tried a trading strategy that hits 70% of the chances and the volume of loss and profit per transaction is identical to see it more clearly. A priori this system seems to give us an assured benefit but unfortunately things are not so simple. If it turns out that we risk 15% of our account for each operation and it happens that we have 5 consecutive loss operations (something that is very likely to happen in a very short time) we will have lost almost the entire account making it practically impossible to recover the Money (not to say profit).

We have compiled a series of basic rules of Money Management to avoid that you fall into fatal errors and the probability of obtaining benefits is much greater.

1. Operate only with an amount you are willing to lose.

We must operate with a real account only with a balance that we can assume the total loss. If not, we would have a very high trading stress and we would skip the rules of our trading system. Experience has shown that traders who have an imperative need to win end up losing because they operate under pressure and make fatal decisions.

This is something that we must take very seriously and perform trading with a balance that in case of losing it completely will not leave us in a desperate situation.

2. Do not overeverage.

It is important not to carry out operations with a very high pressure. Professional forex traders seldom use leverage greater than 1:20. As we have commented on other times many brokers pray in their advertising succulent leverage of up to 1: 1000 or greater to attract inexperienced traders who want to make money fast and see leverage as a definitive weapon. Many beginner traders think of a "pelotazo", that is, perform few transactions with a very large amount thanks to the leverage and if they are good run out with the money. This is probably the main reason why there is the famous statistic that 95% of traders lose money.

As you have already realized in forex can only survive in the market if we are prudent, we have patience, a good trading system and we have in our mind basic rules of Money Management. Excessive leverage will sometimes lead to the broker closing a position because we do not have sufficient collateral to keep it in case the market moves against us (Maintenance margin).

3. Do not risk more than 2% of your account per operation.

In this way we guarantee that if we accumulate several consecutive loss operations the damage that will be done in our account is small and we will recover it quickly. If we risk 2% of our balance per transaction, in the event that we have 10 consecutive transactions in losses (it is more probable than you think) we would lose 10% of our account that is acceptable and we can recover it with some ease. This limits the DrawDown which is the maximum decrease we can have in a bad run of operations.

4. Manage the Ratio Risk / Benefit correctly

This is to properly manage the relationship between average loss per operation and average profit per operation. We recommend a ratio of at least 1: 2, that is, we should earn on average twice the amount we lose when an operation goes wrong.

This is what will allow us to obtain benefits without having a very high success rate. If we deal with a ratio of 1: 2 we can make profits by only 50% of the chances. This is very important to take into account in our trading system.

When we have defined a strategy of trading we recommend to only operate when apart from be the conditions of the strategy (e.g. a crossing of EMAS) a very good opportunity in the sense in that there is very likely to get a great benefit in case of success. If the movement of the pair in our favor will be very small in the long run it is likely to lose money.

5. Whenever we open an operation we must take into account the Stop-Loss

A very common mistake is to confuse this with the first rule of 2% per operation risk. Stop-Loss should be fixed by looking at the graph and observing the support and resistance zones. We can use a moving average a parabolic SAR to see it more clearly. If we open a long position we must fix the Stop-Loss in the Support area or slightly below.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Forex Trading Schedule

What is the schedule of the Forex currency market?

The Forex market, unlike the rest of financial markets, is a market with a continuous schedule from Sunday to Friday. It opens on Sundays and is always operational until its closing on Friday evening.

During the opening hours of the Forex market, you can carry out the transactions that you deem appropriate, but keep in mind that the trading volumes and opportunities are higher at certain times of the day, coinciding with the participation of the majority of investors worldwide.

The best moments of the day to invest in Forex are directly related to sessions in the markets of Europe, Asia and the United States.

How do sessions affect the Forex market?

The moments of greater volatility coincide with the openings of the 3 main sessions (Europe, Asia and the United States):

- The session in Europe begins with the opening of London at 08:00 GTM (09:00 Spanish time). We must also take into account that the opening of Frankfurt (increasingly relevant) occurs an hour earlier at 07:00 GTM (0800 GMT).

- The session in Asia begins with the opening of Tokyo at 00:00 GTM (01:00 am Spanish time). We must also take into account that the opening of Sydney occurs two hours earlier at 22:00 GTM (23:00 Spanish time).

You must take these details into account:

- Each session has very tight currency pairs and in the minutes following the opening of each session there is a greater volatility in these pairs.

- The opening that produces greater volatility is that of the session in Europe. The moments of greater oscillations generally occur between the 30 minutes before the opening and the 2 and a half hours following the same (from 07:45 to 10:30 Spanish time).

- The higher trading volumes coincide with the overlap between the American session and the European session.

- It is usually not advisable to keep positions open during the weekend. Fridays are usually the right days to close the open positions during the week and avoid major swings or unexpected gaps during the weekend.

- On Sundays or during holiday periods the volume of trading is usually low, making the market more manageable. Most traders choose to invest in Forex avoiding these moments of lower volume.

What is the best time to invest in Forex?

The best time to invest in Forex is between 08:00 GMT and 16:59 GMT (9:00 a.m. and 5:59 a.m. Spanish), coinciding with a larger number of traders operating in the foreign exchange market and therefore With a large trading volume. In this schedule most of the daily operations of the entire Forex market take place.

The most important moments during these hours are: 08:00 GTM - 09:00 Spanish time (London opening), 13:00 GTM - 14:00 Spanish time (opening in the United States) and around 16: 59 GTM - 17:59 Spanish time (London closing).

Saturday, February 4, 2017

What is the Best Trading Platform?

The trading platform is the fundamental working tool of any investor operating in the financial markets via the internet. It is a software designed to analyze the market, receive the prices of available financial instruments to invest and open, control and close positions according to the decisions made by the trader.

Choosing the platform that best suits your profile is essential to be successful in your operation. Therefore, in this article we are going to analyze which are the main trading platforms available today so that you can select the one that can best fit your needs.

Most traders use some of the platforms provided by their online broker for free, others choose to use some payment platform that offers them some more advanced features that they need for their operation. Each platform is a world, and although the goal is the same, I will bring you the ones that simply offer the basic features that any trader needs, focusing on simplicity and maximum ease of use for beginners, while others are much more complete And complex, with a broader learning process that is more thought for experienced and knowledgeable traders.

Let's look at the main options we have :

MetaTrader is currently the most used and most popular trading platform worldwide. It has extended its use because many online brokers have acquired the license of this investment software and offer it free to their customers.

It is a platform developed by the company MetaQuotes Software Corp and is specially designed to invest in the foreign exchange market and also to operate with CFDs (indices for difference) on indices, stocks, raw materials, energy, ...

MetaTrader is a powerful all-in-one tool since it has practically everything you need to analyze the market and execute our trading operations. Available in a multitude of languages ​​(included in Spanish) is a fairly easy to use and versatile tools. It is suitable for both beginners and professional traders. It stands out for its powerful graphs and for offering a wide catalog of indicators to perform technical analysis and make our trading decisions.

Another of its strengths is the possibility of using automatic trading systems (known as EAs or Expert Advisors) that allow opening and closing positions automatically based on a series of preconfigured variables, executing any strategy without human intervention.

MetaTrader also offers a simple programming language (similar to C ++) called MetaQuotes Language that allows anyone with certain programming knowledge to generate new indicators, scripts or automatic trading systems. Thanks to this and the popularity of the platform, the catalog of options that we can incorporate to the features that come by default in the platform is enormous.
Currently, the most used version is MetaTrader 4 (MT4) although there is already a new version, MetaTrader 5 (MT5). Although MT5 incorporates certain enhancements to the MT4 features, the MT4 developed indicators or EAs can not be used in MT5 so MT4 still maintains a higher usage share.
The investment software of MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 is usually downloaded and installed on a computer with an Internet connection (for traders using automatic trading systems there are broker forex terbaik di dunia that offer the possibility of installing this trading platform on a VPS server). In addition, MetaTrader is also available in webtrader format and in versions specifically designed for mobile phones and tablets with iOS, Android or Windows Phone operating system.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Trading Psychology: The 5 Keys To Success

To be successful in trading learn forex trading there are two fundamental factors that depend directly on you: The first factor is the knowledge and experience that is achieved with dedication and lots of practice. The second factor, which will focus on this article, is in your mind with your attitude and the proper control of your emotions.

The path to success in trading is not different in many other facets of your life, for example if you practice a sport, in addition to many hours of practice is necessary a good psychological and mental preparation to deal with opportunities, sacrifices, obstacles , Victories, failures, ...

The psychology of trading is vital for any beginner, who must develop his own investment strategy while learning to deal with these emotional factors. But it is also for professional traders who must remain psychologically strong and not lose the discipline to be consistent and profitable for years.

What are the main emotions we face when doing trading?

The fear will make you not want to take any risk in your operation. It acts in two senses:

- You may see an opportunity to negotiate but fear does not let you dare to open any position and therefore you will lose.

- You may have an open position and fear makes you close it prematurely: If the position is in losses the fear will push you to close it to not lose more money when you keep it could turn around and generate benefits. If the position is in profits the fear will also push you to close it already so as not to lose your profits in the event that it turns around when, if you keep it open, these benefits could be much higher.

You will also be a victim of fear and impatience if you trade by risking money that you can not afford to lose.


Greed is a very common emotion. Virtually everyone wants to win more and more, with the minimum possible effort and if it is sooner rather than better.

Greed will cause you to trade excessively and take too many risks so that, instead of helping you make a profit, you will end up with your trading account. It pushes you to enter the market, to open positions without control, not to be patient waiting for the right opportunities. Also keep open positions in profits longer than necessary with the idea of ​​winning even more.

You are not controlling your greed if you are identified in some of these cases:

- If you push yourself to open positions every day or if when you do not find them you feel pissed, frustrated or uncomfortable.

- If you feel furious to realize that you have missed a good trading opportunity.

- If you are taking a high risk to get more profits.

- If your goals are to double or triple your account in the shortest time possible instead of moving slowly but surely.

- If you try to change your system or try new strategies often because you think you are not opening enough positions every day and this limits your benefits.

What are the keys to success?

1. To adequately deal with losing operations

When most traders fall into a streak of losing trades they tend to blame themselves and try to change strategy. They believe that these losses occur because there is something they have done wrong or that their system is not good.

If you are constantly changing systems it is impossible to know what works and what does not. It is not a matter of never changing anything but of doing it with discretion. Losing is part of trading. It is totally normal and even the most experienced traders with winning strategies lose a significant percentage of their trades.

You must develop your tolerance for error, avoid fear and accept losses as part of learning and the road to becoming a profitable trader.

2. Suitably face the winning operations

A few winning positions can come to your head and self-convince that your trading system is infallible, that you are a crack at trading, that you have a knack for this or that you are immune to losses.

No one likes to lose, but when you start you can even become positive so you realize that trading involves risks and that it is very easy to lose. Overconfidence can be your worst enemy. You will put more money into play and take more risks than the convenient ones. You will believe that the market will meet your forecasts and you will be unable to react to the mistakes you make.

3. Think positively

Positive thinking works. When you think positive and follow your trading strategy you will get more successful trades.

But if your thoughts are negative they will drag you to make many more mistakes. You will fall prey to fear or anger and can hardly learn, analyze or act objectively in that state.

Think of any sport: You think that a basketball player will bring something positive to be thinking to himself that he will not be able to score, in a footballer who enter doubts when he is going to throw a penalty, a cyclist on the rise He does not trust that his strength will come to him, an athlete who is not convinced that he will be able to improve his marks, This is the best recipe to fail for that reason in any sport it is very important a positive interior language to generate self-confidence. The same thing happens in trading.

4. Be aware of the ones you can and can not control

No matter how hard you try, you can not control how the market will react and whether an operation will be a winner or a loser. The market is made up of millions of people and automatic systems that make decisions and execute their operations without you being able to influence them.

What you can control is yourself and your way of acting: how you look for investment opportunities, what you rely on to make your trading decisions, how you limit the risks per operation, how you set your profit targets, how you open positions , When you close them

Focus on these aspects that you can control and do not obsess about the results. You can not control the results. What is valuable in trading is not the individual results of each operation but the having a cost-effective and consistent system. You should always try to relativize the result and focus on your system. Neither the losses mean that your system is bad and that it is better that you dedicate yourself to something else nor the benefits make you a master of the markets possessing an infallible system.

5. Controlling emotions

Feelings like fear and avarice will always be there and you can not eliminate them altogether. What you can do is control them, keep them at bay and try to attack the factors that generate those feelings.

Fear often comes when you do not yet have adequate knowledge of the market. You have no experience and you lack confidence in yourself and your trading system.

The main solution is practice. beginners Open a demo account so you do not risk your real money until you are not prepared, test, develop and optimize your trading system until you become profitable, have patience and maintain a positive attitude focused on learning. The first few months are the most complicated: do not get discouraged or give up on losing trades or become confident in winning trades.

Another frequent cause of fear in many traders is that they operate with the aim of getting the solution to a complicated economic situation. If this is your case and you open a real account, risking a money that you can not afford to lose you will be easy prey to impatience and fear. I advise you not to resort to trading for this, try to look for another source of income and go back to trading when you can act calmly and without pressure.

Consider how a trading robot operates: Automatic trading systems act according to a predefined strategy when the necessary variables are given. If the variables are given then enters the market but is waiting for as long as necessary. You should do the same to avoid self-congratulating yourself on good opportunities that are not or thinking if you have many or few open positions and what has been the result of the previous ones.