What is the Best Trading Platform?

The trading platform is the fundamental working tool of any investor operating in the financial markets via the internet. It is a software designed to analyze the market, receive the prices of available financial instruments to invest and open, control and close positions according to the decisions made by the trader.

Choosing the platform that best suits your profile is essential to be successful in your operation. Therefore, in this article we are going to analyze which are the main trading platforms available today so that you can select the one that can best fit your needs.

Most traders use some of the platforms provided by their online broker for free, others choose to use some payment platform that offers them some more advanced features that they need for their operation. Each platform is a world, and although the goal is the same, I will bring you the ones that simply offer the basic features that any trader needs, focusing on simplicity and maximum ease of use for beginners, while others are much more complete And complex, with a broader learning process that is more thought for experienced and knowledgeable traders.

Let's look at the main options we have :

MetaTrader is currently the most used and most popular trading forex platform worldwide. It has extended its use because many online brokers have acquired the license of this investment software and offer it free to their customers.

It is a platform developed by the company MetaQuotes Software Corp and is specially designed to invest in the foreign exchange market and also to operate with CFDs (indices for difference) on indices, stocks, raw materials, energy, ...

MetaTrader is a powerful all-in-one tool since it has practically everything you need to analyze the market and execute our trading operations. Available in a multitude of languages ​​(included in Spanish) is a fairly easy to use and versatile tools. It is suitable for both beginners and professional traders. It stands out for its powerful graphs and for offering a wide catalog of indicators to perform technical analysis and make our trading decisions.

Another of its strengths is the possibility of using automatic trading systems (known as EAs or Expert Advisors) that allow opening and closing positions automatically based on a series of preconfigured variables, executing any strategy without human intervention.

MetaTrader also offers a simple programming language (similar to C ++) called MetaQuotes Language that allows anyone with certain programming knowledge to generate new indicators, scripts or automatic trading systems. Thanks to this and the popularity of the platform, the catalog of options that we can incorporate to the features that come by default in the platform is enormous.Currently, the most used version is MetaTrader 4 (MT4) although there is already a new version, MetaTrader 5 (MT5). Although MT5 incorporates certain enhancements to the MT4 features, the MT4 developed indicators or EAs can not be used in MT5 so MT4 still maintains a higher usage share.The investment software of MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 is usually downloaded and installed on a computer with an Internet connection (for traders using automatic trading systems there are that offer the possibility of installing this trading platform on a VPS server). In addition, MetaTrader is also available in webtrader format and in versions specifically designed for mobile phones and tablets with iOS, Android or Windows Phone operating system.